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フィリピンパンガシナン州Philippines Pangasinan




Heavy equipment education
End formula
Mabini town



Neighboring countries of Japan, the current state of the Philippines

About 79% of Japan, 106 million people currently, the Philippines you have positive growth nearly 2% annually rate of population growth, land area of the country the Republic of the Philippines next to Japan more than lightly the population of Japan after 10 years are expected to, but two is the situation there is no work in three really 30 percent unemployment rate.
Than the city, the number of children so many poverty-stricken areas in rural areas of the region in the Philippines, lays a child of about 7,8 people in the married couple, it is, to ensure that workers children of farmers is also a sufficient workers And, I will produce more for insurance child mortality is still high, someone to help by taking care when their own old.
On stability have a low income, and that you shall attend school in order to learn the minimum knowledge to many children, because it would have given a daily meal to many children, it is no longer mired in poverty further, I will be the negative cycle continues.
To get out of the cycle of this poverty, higher education for children and secure stable income is required, ensuring the stable revenue first, for the promotion, we have support and our purpose (NPO).
For the development of the continuation of the poverty-stricken areas, as an effective method is acquisition of technology and qualification, the purpose of the NPO our, is the reason you are doing technical guidance to local people through the large construction machinery education, local at the same time It has a major object of the present invention is to grow leaders of heavy equipment education,It has has been carried out also to nurture leaders of three current, we have been stretching technology, knowledge into stages that is left the heavy equipment education of local and hard proud to become a leader that they can also contribute to local have.

Mabini town hall, heavy equipment end-type education, introduction (Mabini town mayor)

終了式 End formula

Mabini construction machinery education first badge, second badge, joint end formula, Mabini town mayor, briefing

修了書の授与式 Ceremony of completion certificate

Ramiru F Santos interpreters, certified instructors acquisition of the country, heavy equipment education completion certificate ceremony, Mabini town mayor, winner number one local instructor

修了書の授与式 Ceremony of completion certificate

Heavy equipment education completion certificate ceremony, Mabini townmayor,Winners student

終了式、訓示 End formula, briefing

Inspirational heavy equipment education completion ceremony, to the students, and my interpretation Ramiru