NPO法人 東南アジア国際技術支援協会
(NPO)Southeast Asia International Technical Assistance Association


フィリピンパンガシナン州 Philippines Pangasinan




5・6th Student

End Formula

Sual town
                                   現地の子供 Children of local




   Ethnicity of Filipino

In on to talk about the Filipino, it is not possible to tell if you do not understand the era continued to be invaded in the past, And colonization of three years by the Japanese colonization by Spain of about 333 years, and colonization, by the U.S. of 48 years, history fact of aggression continued to the mercy of the world exists.
As ethnicity was different from Japanese, and continue until say I do not apologize immediately never even ended up that he is poor, arranged endlessly excuse, this one is found, this is reminiscent of the slave era in the past for but it is still remain, and admit that it has that he is bad, that is to take responsibility in other ways or corporal punishment is known, is attached to the body naturally in the era it was colony as a way to get away from it all thing was, it is what is left still as the nature of the Filipino-specific slavery brought.
That slow 2 hours 1:00 there is no notion of time, even if the promise to Filipinos is natural, is the degree of each even that will not come opponent is committing even the civil service, as the Japanese, sloppy and Race It becomes even want to anger and I, and belly will start all the more excuse because it is very good, but not as the only way that you match them towards this one because it is foreign, it is I that can be impatient personality, but 2 hours wait extent also I'm getting okay now.
There is also a good character, and to cherish the family first, the bonds of regard to protect the family aside, some strong hard anywhere than the country, a family member is in trouble is that their own their Kodakusan able to look after the priority the weak someone help me when to compensate all employees sometimes, he had trouble, such as the elderly and children, which is attached to the body naturally, and soul that respect the older, we are ready firm.
When I was a boy, I miss the good old smell of the era of post-war Japan everyone was poor, Showa had been forgotten by now, here in the Philippines, we have remained firm even now.

第5回・6回卒業生修了式 Five times, six times graduates end formula

終了式 End formula
5th 6th Sual heavy equipment education students end formula
Futako stone's guests who, in large senior CFF founder

訓示 Briefing

Pangasinan Vice Governor, briefing

記念写真 Commemorative photo

Pangasinan Vice Governor and Assistant Ramiru

感謝状 Certificate of appreciation

I received a letter of appreciation for the achievements of heavy equipment education from Sual mayor